What Holy Trinity Parishioners are Looking for in a Welcoming Parish


1.      Sunday Mass in the ordinary (Novus Ordo) form and Sunday and Holyday Mass in the extraordinary (Tridentine) form of the Roman Rite.  The Novus Ordo Mass will require space for a relatively small group of attendees (under 100) with some reading and hymns in German, and occasional Masses entirely in German with larger attendance.  In addition to accommodating the traditional Latin Mass liturgical calendar, the Tridentine community will require room for several hundred worshipers in a space properly configured or easily adapted for the extraordinary form (i.e., open sanctuary, eastward facing altar with central tabernacle, communion rail or kneelers, and working organ).  Additional features particularly suited to Tridentine liturgies such as a functioning choir loft with organ console, good musical acoustics, and traditional church architecture/statuary are strongly preferred.

2.  Opportunity for confession (anonymous penitent) immediately before the Latin Mass.

3.  Commitment that Tridentine Mass attendees will be recognized as full-fledged parishioners rather than as parish guests.

4.  Facilities and pastoral support for a CCD program specifically tailored to the needs of a Tridentine community including, of course, training on the Latin Mass and associated liturgies.

5.  Facilities for social gatherings after both the English/German and Tridentine liturgies.  Ideally the Masses would be scheduled so as to allow attendees from both to intermix and maintain their common Holy Trinity identity.

6.  Opportunity for the existing music programs of Holy Trinity to be transferred intact, or, for comparable programs to be developed with knowledge and understanding of the musical heritage associated with both the Tridentine Mass and the German liturgical traditions. 

7.  Central location with sufficient space for parking and with accessibility by public transportation in order to accommodate the almost exclusively commuter-based Holy Trinity parish family.